The “Building the Bridge” theme is intended to create a cultural navigational blueprint for leaders to gain insight on how to adequately prepare to evangelize a diverse society.  Bridges provide connection points between cities and states, all which lead to a multicultural society. Our conference theme is relevant to the whole church, not just the African-American constituency, which is to provide the evangelism tools necessary for every culture to reach the African-American community.
In the book “The World is Flat” by Thomas Freidman, he states that our world is becoming more global every day. He also states that technologies such as email, websites, and fiber optics have leveled the playing field with the business world. The same is true with the church.

America is more global and culturally diverse than ever before.  We have become not just a melting pot, but a stew pot where the ingredients are part of a bigger picture, however, each keeping their own identity.

The African American community has experienced significant progression in the areas of economics, cultural influence and education. However, there remains a very real need for salvation and truth. Evangelism strategies, resources, and practical how-to sessions are the main focus of this conference.  It is our vision and hope that leaders will be empowered and impassioned to effectively evangelize, mentor, and plant churches in our urban and rural communities. The church, once again, has the opportunity, just as in the book of Acts, to experience one of the greatest revivals in this present Multicultural World.

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